These Common Skin Care Myths Are Major Red Flags — Here's Why

  1. Oily skin doesn't need moisturizer. Even the oiliest of skin needs a moisturizer—in fact, that excess sebum might be a sign that your skin is, in fact, dehydrated. That being said, it's important to pick a moisturizer designed for your skin type to avoid congested pores or excess shine. The simple answer: gels or gel creams over heavy-duty moisturizers.

"Gels or gel creams have a higher water content and are usually oil-free and are quickly absorbed into the skin," board-certified dermatologist Ramya Garlapati, M.D., previously told mbg.

On the flip side, richer creams generally come oil-based and will leave the skin feeling a bit greasy–which is why they're ideal for drier skin instead. A few hero ingredients to look for in your oily skin moisturizers include:

Niacinamide Hyaluronic acid Glycerin Aloe vera

  1. Coffee causes acne. For some reason, coffee has received quite the bad rap in the beauty space recently. While a sugary latte packed with artificial creamers and added sugar may not be ideal for your skin health, coffee on its own will not cause acne—like, at all.

To make sure your daily cup remains skin-friendly, remember the following (and check out this guide for more details):

Limit your coffee intake to 400 mg (or four cups) or 200 mg (or two cups) if you have a slower metabolism or feel jittery or anxious with more than two cups. Opt for decaf coffee if you're nearing your personal caffeine limit but still crave the flavor. Cut off caffeine intake six hours before bedtime. Make sure to buy organic, high-quality coffee when you can. Use plant-based milks—specifically almond, coconut, and flax. Limit sugars and syrups—instead, opt for natural sweeteners or no sweetener at all. Add collagen powder to boost the benefits—here's a list of our favorites from a nutrition Ph.D. Mind your water intake throughout the day.

  1. Fine lines are only caused by age. Yes, fine lines and wrinkles unquestionably come with age—but that's not the only reason they crop up. It's important to mention that regardless of how old you are, there are plenty of other factors that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. A few notable influences include:

A lack of topical hydration (i.e., not using moisturizer) Unprotected exposure to UV rays Prolonged states of oxidative stress Facial movements & sleep position Imbalanced collagen production & degradation