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Healthcare is an expensive ordeal and a necessity and the underprivileged classes are at times unable to access the means to better their health. Even prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare facilities had been feeling the strain due to unmanageable patient-load. Moreover, serving a population of 1.4 billion remains a Herculean task in itself when it comes to suitably managing healthcare facilities.

There is a need to adopt technology wherever possible to streamline the operational and clinical processes for healthcare facilities in order to manage efficient patient flow. In addition, there is the challenge to think beyond the obvious and promote virtual care protocols, and telehealth services, which can be leveraged to reduce the patient-load burden to a large extent

Be swasth is a Telemedicine website and application( for both android and ios) designed to provide primary care and medical consultation to every underprivileged citizen of India. We at Be-swasth are fully aware of the ongoing pandemic and the effects it has on the underprivileged so we are striving towards a country that has a better access to the healthcare system, no matter your location, no matter the emergency and that too at very sustainable prices.

Be swasth values it’s contribution to the e-healthcare system and wants to contribute in better development of today’s youth. Be Swasth is the first healthcare company to offer medical consultation at just INR 100/- developed to provide services to a patient who lives far away from a medical care facility, or a patient who cannot transport themselves to a healthcare facility

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